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Application of oven drying box in industrial production

Time:2016-09-12 20:42:02

The traditional way to remove moisture is to rely on the heat of the sun. With the development of science and technology, industrial, pharmaceutical and scientific research industries need to use ovens / drying boxes to dry, bake, sterilize and other operations. It has a wide variety of functions.

Constant temperature drying box is one of them, it is widely used in pharmaceutical enterprises, schools, mining companies and other industries. Its operating temperature can be from the indoor temperature to the highest Baidu, but need to be set in the upper and lower limits set by the equipment, after the selection of the automatic control system in the equipment will automatically adjust to the set temperature. At the same time, as a department of using equipment and instruments, it is necessary to understand the contents of its cleaning and maintenance while using it correctly. Users scrub and clean the equipment regularly after use to ensure the normal performance of the equipment and increase the effective use time of the equipment. Before using the equipment, pay attention to whether the power supply voltage used matches the standard; when using, the power plug is grounded according to the instruction. Samples placed in the equipment can not be overcrowded, need to leave some space between each other, to ensure the normal circulation of air in the box;

When the equipment is powered on, avoid wiping the surface of the box with a damp towel. Pull out the plug power when it is repaired. If there is no explosion-proof device installed in the ordinary equipment, it is not possible to put burnable and explosive materials into the drying. After each use, pull out the power supply of the equipment, and Keep the equipment clean inside and outside.

Oven/drying oven has become the auxiliary equipment of many industries in modern industrial society, which brings countless conveniences to the production activities of enterprises.

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