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Far infrared heating oven / oven is suitable for underground operation.

Time:2016-09-12 20:42:46

There are various types of drying boxes/ovens, including thermostatic drying boxes. In recent years, far infrared heating drying boxes have been widely used in coal mine production sites. The double-layer oven is made of 2-3 mm thick iron plate and 50X50mm angle steel. There is a 100mm thick insulation layer between the outer and inner layers (minimum thickness should not be less than 50160mm). In order to keep it warm and light, many factories use alkali glass wool as insulation material, which is economical and practical.

In the design, the designer analyzed four factors affecting drying efficiency: component coating composition, component surface temperature, chamber gas temperature and radiation distance. According to the analysis, the far-infrared heating element selected by the designer is the plasma sprayed quartz sand heater. The heater is a flat panel radiator with a specification of 300 * 200 * 30 mm, a voltage of 20OV, and a power of 1 kW each. It is equipped with electric wire, asbestos insulation layer and metal shell.

Regarding the gas temperature in the oven, the designer uses two kinds of instruments as the temperature control protection in the drying oven. One is a pressure thermometer WTz-288, measuring range 60-260 degrees Celsius, accuracy level is 1.5, working medium for ether, pressure 64 kg/cm, the designer will take it as normal temperature control, so that the oven temperature control in 95-105 degrees Celsius. The other set adopts the contaminated Y169 transistor thermostat, whose temperature control range is 100-200 C. It is used to control the main source. When the temperature in the oven exceeds 120 C, the power supply is cut off to prevent the normal temperature controller from being damaged and invalid, and the radiation source temperature rises, so that the temperature in the oven exceeds the stipulation, and the insulation of the electrical equipment is damaged.

In addition, in order to reflect the infrared ray effectively, make the drying object absorb more infrared ray and speed up the drying process, the polished aluminum plate can be used as the reflective cover of the inner layer of the drying box. This effect is best, but silver powder can also be coated on the iron plate.

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